Elder Guardians – The Eradicator Guide

Welcome to the guide for fighting against one of the Elder Guardians – The Eradicator.  All four must be defeated before you can fight The Elder.

Fighting Mechanics

The Eradicator is a range based guardian and deals pure lightning damage. The Eradicator’s damage can vary greatly because lightning damage has wide range. Along side with Shock being applied, it’s lightning attacks can be deadly and powerful especially when it critical strikes.


Lightning Blast

The Eradicator will cast blue circle explosions on the ground that deals lightning damage. There will be two or three lightning blast at the same time and the damage from each blast can overlap and stack. The positioning is randomly placed.


Lightning Tendrils

The Eradicator will channel the Lightning Tendrils skill for a few seconds that deals lightning damage. Lightning Tendrils will only be casted while in melee range.





Super Lightning Tendrils

The Eradicator goes airborne and fires many small blasts of lightning at you. Most of them will land underneath him, while several are aimed towards you. You are able to face-tank it if you have good lightning resistances and life leech or high HP regeneration, otherwise run around the area.


Storm Bolt

When the Eradicator is at 90% health, it will begin to cast the Storm Bolt attack. The Eradicator becomes enveloped in a storm cloud which deal constant damage while touched. He will then launch a storm bolt three times, followed by three storm bolts in rapid succession. Avoid standing in the clouds and run around the area to dodge the storm bolts. Can be deadly when the Eradicator crits and especially when you are affected with Shock.



When the Eradicator fall below 70% health, it will begin to transform. The Eradicator transforms into a ball of electric tentacles then moves randomly around the map firing lightning balls. These lightning balls deal damage when touched and at the end of their duration turn into additional monsters. The Eradicator cannot be targeted during this phase, focus on dodging the lightning balls and killing the monsters to refill your flask charges. The monsters will disappear after 20 seconds if you decided not to kill them.

After all, it is free flask recharges and the monsters that the lightning ball spawns are fairly easy to kill. It is recommended to kill the monsters.



Elder Guardians replace the map boss of the map it is occupying. A portal will appear in the boss arena leading to a side zone which contains the Elder Guardian. Their monster level matches the base map of where the Elder is occupying.

The Eradicator can randomly spawns in one of the three arenas. All three arenas has different mechanics that players are required to dodge the attacks. In Tiers 6 to 11 maps, at 1/2 health you will be teleported to another arena with different stage hazards, and the same applies for Tier 11+ maps at 2/3 and 1/3.

Besides the Eradicator’s attacks, you should watch out for the arenas as well.


Manor of Madness

The Manor of Madness has lightning charged spires that connect via lightning and deal lightning damage hits.


Repository of Derision

The arena contains four side areas in the corners. These areas periodically fill with lightning.


Spires of Delusion

The Spires of Delusion has lightning fused beams and totems.


Preparing Against the Eradicator

To fight against the Eradicator, you will want to stack lightning resistance since it deals pure lightning damage. If you have skills such as Purity of Lightning or items that increases maximum lightning resistance, it will help by reducing damage taken from the Eradicator.

Loreweave, Elegant Ringmail

Loreweave can increased all your maximum elemental resistance which is a great armor to have.



Purity of Lightning skill icon.pngPurity of Lightning

A great aura that gives lots of lightning resistance and most importantly, additional maximum lightning resistance.


Topaz Flask inventory icon.pngTopaz Flask

A very good defensive flask against lightning damage. Recommended to have a “of Grounding” mod on it to remove Shock if needed.


Quicksilver Flask inventory icon.png

Quicksilver Flask

Since there are a lot of movement needed in this boss fight, a Quicksilver Flask will come in handy. Find one that is enchanted with a bonus movement speed mod and more charges mod. They should not be hard to obtain.


File:Fortify status icon.pngFortify

One of the best defensive buffs in game which reduce damage taken by 20%. If you are a melee build, feel free to remove one of your melee attack supports with a Fortify Support.


Map Affixes

Map mods have no affect on the Elder or Elder Guardians boss fights. You do not have to worry too much about the map affixes. Be aware that quantity% and rare% has no affect as well. If you fail the fight and use up all your portals, or open another map, you will not lose your chance to fight the Elder or Guardians! The Elder’s influence and the Guardians appearance only disappears when you complete a map by killing the boss.

All guardians replace the map boss when entering the boss arena or area. Running guardian occupied maps will remove Elder influence for that map on the atlas. The area you’ll find the guardians in aren’t predetermined before entering a map, meaning you can do a map several times to try to get the area you want as long as you don’t kill the guardian.

Unlike the normal Guardians, it is a lot cheaper to run Elder Guardians. Feel free to try running it a few times if needed to understand the fights.


Fighting Strategy

The Eradicator is pure lightning damage, only way to mitigate the damage is using Topaz Flask and other items or skills that increases maximum lightning resistances and reduce damage taken. Constant movement is required, the Eradicator has a lot of energy shield and recharges quickly, you would want to have a way to keep hitting the boss while constantly dodging it’s abilities.

Immediately used your flask that removes Shock whenever you are affected, it can be deadly.


Item Drops and Rewards

Tier 6 and above:

Tier 11 and above:


Video Gameplay

Here is a quick gameplay of the Tier 15 red map boss fight against the Eradicator.

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